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As the New Year champagne corks settle and the fridge becomes bare from party leftovers, the realities of our New Year resolutions become apparent.

Whatever your New Year resolution may be, set yourself up for success by choosing an action based goal such as, “I will walk 30 minutes before work daily”.

Instead of an outcome goal like, “I will be more active”.

Often we are motivated by outcome, not the action. The action is where the change takes place. A similar example is saying, “I am going to the shop”. To get to the shop requires a series of processes – such as turning right, using your indicator, stopping at the traffic lights, and parking. These actions are the mini steps to achieve the goal and these are what you need to think about when setting your resolution.

Choosing realistic goals is also important. If you are new to exercise, choosing a goal like ‘run a marathon in 1 week’, could be setting yourself up for failure (and injury!). For weight loss, aiming to ‘Lose 5kg per week’, can be unrealistic and unsustainable. Remember your resolution is for the whole year, not a 6 or 12 week challenge, so you have plenty of time. If weight loss is your goal, aim for 1-2 kg off each month and choose small, regular, sustainable changes to get you there.

If you require extra knowledge, support, accountability for achieving your health goals, make an appointment with one of our dietitians.

Diet Tip of the Month:
Whatever your goal is, try doing the same task for three weeks straight. After this time, you will find that it gets easier each time and before you know it the task will become part of your daily life.