Your initial (first) appointment will take approximately 40 minutes, depending on the complexity of your nutrition needs.

The appointment will include:

  • Anthropometry – assessment of your weight, height, to assess body fat levels
  • Assessment of your individual lifestyle requirements
  • Discussion of symptoms & assessment of blood results if available
  • Diagnosis of nutrition issues
  • Goal setting
  • Nutrition education and written materials
  • Individualised meal plan and/or recipe ideas
  • Discussion of ongoing treatment plan

Your dietitian will give you feedback in your first consultation about frequency of ongoing appointments required.  Our strategy is to make small, easy changes, often.  You will learn something new every time you see us and we aim to give you all the nutrition knowledge and skills you need to maintain healthy diet changes for life.

Subsequent appointments will involve:

  • Tracking of weight changes or blood results
  • Ongoing nutrition education and resources
  • Review of goals
  • No judgement!

Available at the following clinics